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my soul is, Reaching Calling Gravitating to memories not yet, lived   my mind is, Wandering Searching Dreaming of steps not yet, walked   my heart has, Yearned Loved Fluttered for people not yet, encountered   when will i?   Pen down, Hannah (Header image source from the wandering little girl)


"who am i? im just a dreamer. a hopeful romantic. unsupervised, within a world of eyes. fighting for what lies beyond appearances. trying to find my somewhere, i belong." -Joshua Ryan Stewart   A dreamer. That's the best way to describe me. A girl with her brunette head forever floating the clouds of my... Continue Reading →

welcome, welcome, welcome.

I'm frankly so nervous to start this. I've been formulating a sentence for this post for days now and if I can't get it right after a bajillion attempts, I won't get it right this time around. So, welcome to this crazy town in a pretty nutshell that we call "For You, From Me". To start off,... Continue Reading →

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