along the way

The road to the end,

dirty, twisting, forked

never fares well.

Will of Nature

overwhelming, unyielding, uncompromising

escorted every footprint.

Along the way

Those that genuinely

love, care, respect

your life, join you.

Holding frail hands

giggling, mourning, relaxing

at your side.

Grief cracks the beating heart

you caged so dearly.

Splintering good days,

rooting bad nights.

Lost love shatters your world,

silencing you along the way.

Patched raw, clawed heart

imprisoned within brittle bones.

Every step, every aching twinge

guides you along the way.

Remember, darling

The world is twisted,

broken, abused, dying.

Keep your soul alight,

blazing with compassion.

Pen down,


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