My fiance and I returned from a weekend getaway to the mountains and I felt inspired to not only write about one of my favorite Colorado spots (poem scribbles coming soon) but of another feat of nature I deeply miss in my landlocked state: the sea. waves lap against grain, quickly in serenity, against the... Continue Reading →

travel body

  i have seen little experienced even less. met so few, not many cultures i've lived, none of my brothers and sisters across the sea.   my toes have yet sifted white sand and staggering seas. same feet have yet wildly run through ancient woods or rolling lush hills.   my back, tense with heavy... Continue Reading →

About my WIP

Happy Friday, friends! It's Fri-YAY!! I'm heading up to the mountains for some much needed solace from two straight weeks of temperatures aboveΒ one hundred degrees. I am literally bursting at the seams from only reading the title. I've been holding this in for quite some time now and am absolutely thrilled to share about my... Continue Reading →

cloudy day

steaming cup of tea in hand, pen in the left, rain patters the roof lilting melody of teary billowing clouds masking blue.   peace, joy, content as i watch puddles swell, mist tangle in limbs reaching for the heavens, booming thunder clap against the mountains demanding sheets to descend.   umbrellas scurry around, avoiding the... Continue Reading →

go, baby, go

instructions, whispered pleas, reverberated my soul three words to change my life, "go, baby, go." words begged by wizened lips concocted by a mind lacking life's Great Adventures.   go, baby, to ancient mountain passes to drink tea with new companions. go, to colorful depths of the tranquil sea, viewing life wriggling about. go, to... Continue Reading →

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