About my WIP

Happy Friday, friends! It’s Fri-YAY!! I’m heading up to the mountains for some much needed solace from two straight weeks of temperatures above one hundred degrees.

I am literally bursting at the seams from only reading the title. I’ve been holding this in for quite some time now and am absolutely thrilled to share about my baby!

After being up since 3:30 am (why I’m up at this time I have no idea but it’s been a rough one!) this morning chewing on the idea of possibly sharing about my WIP, I decided “What the heck? Let’s do it.” So here we are!

I’ve been working on this for well over six months while concurrently working on an older piece and relearning poetry and short stories. I really fell in love with the fantasy genre and brainstormed an idea that I’ve been rolling with since.

Drum roll please… 


1. Introduce your unnamed WIP…

This story follows the journey of a gifted investigator for the royal council in the Mortal lands. After landing a serial murder case in a small town, she discovers dark horrors from her past coming back to haunt her.

2. Who are your main characters?

Ailani: fierce, kind, and powerful.

Mavis: caring, gentle, and strong.

3. Will this become a series?

Oh, yes! I already have outlines for a couple more books in the series! My goal is to have at least a trilogy.

4. Where is the story set?

In the lands of Man. Mainly in a small city where a series of heinous murders occurred….

5. How do you get to know your characters?

All in writing. Throughout the story, their lives unfold and have to organically. I’m constantly thinking about their life story, favorable traits, and weaknesses.

6. Which character is the hardest to write?

Ailani. For sure. I realized this year (I’m ashamed it took me this long) that hardly any books have a person of color as the protagonist or among the main characters. Even though I am white, I want to change that. Writing Ailani has taught me so much about different cultures, lifestyles, and so much more.

Let me know about your thoughts of the lack of POC protagonists and main characters down in the comments.

7. How did your main characters meet?

Mavis helped Ailani get rid of a typical bar creep and Ailani in turn saved her. Though I shouldn’t disclose how… 😉

8. I love this world/ setting because….

It’s mine to mold! I can make it as beautiful or ugly to my desire. I’m not restricted to the lines of our world!

9. How easy is this WIP to write?

Easy yet difficult simultaneously. This story line has been stuck in my head every day for months, almost a year. It began as a short story and evolved into a story I imagined every night before bed. But writing it out has been…a learning process. I’ve REALLY had to let go of my perfection and learned to be a really terrible writer. I thrive in terrible writing now. Editing/ revising is where I aggressively write for my perfectionist side.

I’m so excited to share excepts and hopefully the finished result with you guys in the coming years! This is my baby, my heart and soul.

Have a lovely weekend!

Pen down,



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