Exciting News from Me!

Hello, lovelies! Fall is in full blast and it’s SPOOKY SEASON! October is the highlight of the year with Halloween, cozy sweaters and socks, and lots of scary movies! Fuzzy blankets, candles, and thick soups are an absolute necessity in the chillier weather! Isn’t that the best??!

Today’s post is all about sharing some exciting news that also in turn my absence on my blog. Life the past month has been absolutely insane but now that the dust is settling, I can share a few things I’m thrilled to talk about!

Married & Moved

That’s me with my handsome hubby!! 😉

My boyfriend of three years, Daniel, and I officially tied the knot in August! We eloped in a beautiful town outside our home August 29th (the anniversary of when we met. Unplanned but special all the same!!) and carried out a low-key reception a month later with our loving and supportive family and close friends.

The entire experience was exceptionally wonderful and both days we’re the best days of my life. Marrying young was a difficult decision but out pour of happiness for our choice made marrying my best friend an easy “I do”.

After celebrations, we packed up and moved to our original home, Denver. That process was immeasurably insane with shredded tarps, snowy mountain passes, and long flights of stairs.

Everything is just about moved in with only a few remaining straggling pieces to fit into our new home. A big struggle of mine is deciding how I want to organize my bookcases. I would love some suggestions so leave them down in the comments!

WIP Milestone

A month or so ago, I made a post about my work in progress and wanted to share an update with it! I finally hit over 24K words! Though only a fifth of the total word count I want, I still yet to have written something as long as this draft. That fact in itself has pushed me every day to write longer, research harder, and push myself beyond my limits.

This piece is my heart and soul, my beliefs and objections, my purpose and my dream. Twenty four thousand words is not an exceptional amount of words for my budding career, it’s only the start.

If it weren’t for the move, I’d probably have more but writing what I can in spare moments has been enough to satisfy my creative soul temporarily. I can’t hold out too much longer and have already eyed some new coffee shops to visit for welcoming Autumn afternoon.

Dreaming in Words Instagram!

I finally created an Instagram account for Dreaming in Words (@dreaming_ofwords) so follow me so we can connect! I have completely fallen in love with the #bookstagram and creative writing communities. There you’ll get a sample of how obsessed I am with fierce heroines and brooding YA love interests and how deep my love for reading goes.

Reading and writing have been fundamental aspects of my life from a very young age and being able to interact with fellow bibliophiles is truly exciting!

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the changing season. 🙂

Pen down,


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