listening ears| #poem

you called me princess
at risk of attentive ears
unabashed and comfortable
as if your affection belonged
like a soft caress, on your lips
sweet, soft

yet, my favorite word to 
kiss your lips that I (oh) so desire
reached alert ears,

dark clouds befell upon us


we met in secret, far from intrusive eyes
spoke freely, giggling and aglow
risking the openness, though,
soaking in the breaks we shared

as if they were last. 

2 thoughts on “listening ears| #poem

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  1. I loved this, Hannah! ‘It’s so true that we need to get away from “ears” that are always listening for someone’s secret. To be truly open and honest with another we need assurance that shared feelings and content does not fall on prying ears. We need that “secret place”.

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