Writing Update…

Welcome to July, dreamers! How have you been? What have you been reading? Working on anything good lately? I’ve missed you terribly and would love to connect in the comments!

From the title, this post is about my writing update and I’m beyond pleased to say I FINALLY finished the first draft to my novel! The feeling is surreal and I’m in shock as I’m typing this out. I kept waiting to continue typing something, anything out just to keep going and my fingers cramped up after hovering over the keyboard. But once I wrote “The End” I burst into frankly the ugliest, biggest tears in the middle of the night. After 13 months of continued dedication (and lots of Oreos), I finished my freaking book!

Final first draft word count: 98,465/ 365 pages

I’m in definite need of a little breather from the manuscript before I begin the extensive editing process. I’ve already plotted out the first book in a couple of series so I can start working on multiple books throughout the year. 

The best advice I received was to keep putting words in front of each other. Words build sentences, sentences build pages, and pages create a book. I constantly had to remind myself to not reread the rough draft because once I do… self-doubt creeps in and I lose all faith in the project. 

Have you written a novel? If so, leave some tips down in the comments or tools that helped you write a book.



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P.S. You’ll find me under the hashtag #writingcommunity (best Twitter-sphere out there!) and follow my writing journey!

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