Welcome to my little corner of the Internet that contains pieces of my heart, soul, and mind. Here you’ll find writing tips, short stories, poetry, and novel excerpts directly from my pen and paper to your eyes. I want to continue to better myself, my writing, and break out of my comfortable little box.

I’ve always dreamed to be a writer, hence the name Dreaming of Words, wistfully imagining the day I get published, and find fulfillment in my passion. I have countless notebooks with each page having every line filled in, endless worlds to venture in, and so many familiar friends in my characters that I wish to see the daylight.

I’m an avid reader (fantasy, adventure, science fiction, romance, historical fiction, etc.) and love to write fantasy adventures for YA and adults. I have two fur-babies, a hyper dog and lazy cat, and a loving hubby that supports everything I do. We live happily in the great state of Colorado and enjoy the typical outdoorsy activities the world stereotypes us to do. πŸ˜‰

If I’m not writing, hiking, or reading, you could catch me in bed watching old reruns ofΒ Law & Order SVU, snuggling my babes!

*Please share your constructive criticismΒ (nothing insulting, please) regarding the work I’ll post on Dreaming of Words.

Welcome to my thoughts, my world, my passion. Enjoy, my friend.

Pen down,


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