Why I Write

This is a different sort of post and after posting about finishing my first book, I've had a lot of time to think about the whole process and why I stuck through it for so long. It all boiled to one sentence: I am a writer. Every single day, which I do not say lightly,... Continue Reading →

Writing Update…

Welcome to July, dreamers! How have you been? What have you been reading? Working on anything good lately? I’ve missed you terribly and would love to connect in the comments! From the title, this post is about my writing update and I’m beyond pleased to say I FINALLY finished the first draft to my novel!... Continue Reading →

listening ears| #poem

you called me princessat risk of attentive earsunabashed and comfortableas if your affection belongedlike a soft caress, on your lipssweet, soft yet, my favorite word to kiss your lips that I (oh) so desirereached alert ears, dark clouds befell upon us so, we met in secret, far from intrusive eyesspoke freely, giggling and aglowrisking the openness,... Continue Reading →

Exciting News from Me!

Hello, lovelies! Fall is in full blast and it's SPOOKY SEASON! October is the highlight of the year with Halloween, cozy sweaters and socks, and lots of scary movies! Fuzzy blankets, candles, and thick soups are an absolute necessity in the chillier weather! Isn't that the best??! Today's post is all about sharing some exciting... Continue Reading →

travel body

  i have seen little experienced even less. met so few, not many cultures i've lived, none of my brothers and sisters across the sea.   my toes have yet sifted white sand and staggering seas. same feet have yet wildly run through ancient woods or rolling lush hills.   my back, tense with heavy... Continue Reading →

along the way

The road to the end, dirty, twisting, forked never fares well. Will of Nature overwhelming, unyielding, uncompromising escorted every footprint. Along the way Those that genuinely love, care, respect your life, join you. Holding frail hands giggling, mourning, relaxing at your side. Grief cracks the beating heart you caged so dearly. Splintering good days, rooting... Continue Reading →

no home

i Dream of funny things. crazy, unrealistic, wild, they said. Dreams of vivid, curry-scented wind soaring over waves, trees, snow-caps.   home would not be stationary rather pieces of my soul, laugh, tears strewn across blue and green, lounging in hidden crevices, caves deep beneath the earth, pools of sapphire and jade, riding the gusting... Continue Reading →

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