heart in my dreams-poetry

i dreamt of you, again. inserted into faded memories shielded in sleep. safe in your arms your intoxicating smile flashed as we spoke like before, afore our affair collapsed.   i awoke, clutching a pillow that, moments before, was your warmth. tears pricked my eyes, constricting my throat as i carried on my morning, day... Continue Reading →

travel body

  i have seen little experienced even less. met so few, not many cultures i've lived, none of my brothers and sisters across the sea.   my toes have yet sifted white sand and staggering seas. same feet have yet wildly run through ancient woods or rolling lush hills.   my back, tense with heavy... Continue Reading →

go, baby, go

instructions, whispered pleas, reverberated my soul three words to change my life, "go, baby, go." words begged by wizened lips concocted by a mind lacking life's Great Adventures.   go, baby, to ancient mountain passes to drink tea with new companions. go, to colorful depths of the tranquil sea, viewing life wriggling about. go, to... Continue Reading →

along the way

The road to the end, dirty, twisting, forked never fares well. Will of Nature overwhelming, unyielding, uncompromising escorted every footprint. Along the way Those that genuinely love, care, respect your life, join you. Holding frail hands giggling, mourning, relaxing at your side. Grief cracks the beating heart you caged so dearly. Splintering good days, rooting... Continue Reading →

no home

i Dream of funny things. crazy, unrealistic, wild, they said. Dreams of vivid, curry-scented wind soaring over waves, trees, snow-caps.   home would not be stationary rather pieces of my soul, laugh, tears strewn across blue and green, lounging in hidden crevices, caves deep beneath the earth, pools of sapphire and jade, riding the gusting... Continue Reading →

not yet

my soul is, Reaching Calling Gravitating to memories not yet, lived   my mind is, Wandering Searching Dreaming of steps not yet, walked   my heart has, Yearned Loved Fluttered for people not yet, encountered   when will i?   Pen down, Hannah (Header image source from the wandering little girl)

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